About me

My name is Christopher Lash. I started blogging about how Poland experienced Euro 2012 and now I write, tweet and podcast about the wacky world of Polish football (WWOPF). If this predictor leaves you gagging for more you can also find me on Facebook and on twitter at @rightbankwarsaw. You can also contact me via email at: rightbankwarsaw@gmail.com.

But that’s not all, I also record the rightbankwarsaw podcast – a semi-regular pod about Polish football. My work has appeared in the Blizzard, its Polish equivalent Kopalnia and a whole host of other publications. I have appeared on Talksport 2 and the Guardian Football Weekly Podcast to talk about Polish football.

In my day job I’m a lecturer at Warsaw’s Lazarski University. My research interests focus on Ethnic cleansing and the History of Sport in Central and Eastern Europe and the History of Poland in the Soviet bloc from 1944-1989. My most recent academic article, which appeared in the International Journal of the History of Sport, is about match-fixing in Polish football in the 1993 season.