RBW predictor

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Rightbankwarsaw predictor is a simple game for what is actually a very complicated task. The Polish Ekstraklasa is a league where often up is down, right is left and black is white. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to predict the results of this infuriatingly and yet enjoyably unpredictable league throughout the season.

The rules are simple:

  1. First – go to the prediction centre to submit your predictions for a given match-week.
  2. Point-scoring works as follows:

    Exact score


    Score margin




    Matchweek bonus


  3. Predictions must be made before a given match kicks off. If you’re forgetful about this kind of thing, you can go to the notifications section of the website and select the box set email reminders. The email will come from info@rbwpredictor.pl before the first match of a given match-week (warning: not before every match kicks off!). Make sure it hasn't gone into your spam folder!

Private leagues
You can now set up and play in private leagues with your friends! To set one up, click on the centre top column and click on 'create new private league.' Then think of the name of your league and decide how many points you will award for the four different categories. Hit 'save' and you will be provided with a copiable code which you can send to your friends to join your league!
You can also tweet out the code if you want Twitter followers to join too. Once the private league is set up you can manage the league by clicking on the shield. Here you can remove players temporarily from the league and ban them for good if you need to.

Note 1: The default scoring system for private leagues is the same as in the main game. You don't have to change if you don't want to!

Note 2: For the main game and all your private leagues you only make predictions ONCE in a given match-week! These predictions apply for all the leagues you are a member of.

The website allows you (amongst other things) to see your position in the table, your best match-week and your average points per match-week. You can also find a host of other statistical insights, including what the league table would look like if matches finished exactly as you predicted (see the ‘alternative league tables’ tab). Just have an explore, there’s lots to look out for!

If you somehow manage to master the art of Ekstraklasa predicting, extra-special prizes are on offer!
Prizes will be awarded to:

  1. The participant who finishes 1st
  2. The participant who finishes 2nd
  3. The participant who gains the most bonus points during the season, unless they’ve received one of the above awards. If they have, the award will go to the next participant in the bonus points table who hasn’t received an award
  4. The participant who gets the highest monthly score total. If two participants finish on the same amount of points, the prize will go to the person who's higher in the table.

Additional websites which may help you on your mission include:

That’s about that. Your chariot to the unexplored universe of Ekstraklasa predicting awaits. Good luck and Godspeed!